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       Free Florida Class This Month

                     (With the registration of our IL Concealed Carry Class)

     Florida and Illinois Permits combined will allow you to Carry Concealed in 32 States.

illinois 16-hour concealed carry class

This Class includes all the training necessary to apply for your concealed carry permit in the State of Illinois and will include classroom presentations, classroom practical exercises and shooting time on the range.                                     

The following topics will be discussed :

1) Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan

2) Self Defense Firearm Basics

3) Shooting Fundamentals

4) The Legal Use of Force

5) Violent Encounters and their Aftermath

6) Gears and Gadgets

7) Basic and Advanced Skills

8) All applicable State and Federal Laws Relating to the Ownership, Storage, Carry and Transportation of a  Firearm

9) Live Fire Qualification

   --->$249 includes FREE Florida Class!! 

Includes a 61 page reference booklet containing all applicable State and Federal Laws

Fingerprints are optional and not included in the cost of this class.

We will have a State approved fingerprinting vendor available at your class to electronically process your fingerprints for your State Police application.  The cost for their service is $55 and paid directly to them. 

law enforcement firearms and tactical rifle instructor

full time police officer with 10 years on swat and Illinois wmd Anti-terrorism unit


joe motto

  • 24 years Law Enforcement Experience

  • 10 year assignment on SWAT trained in responding to incidents involving Hostage Rescue and Barricaded Subjects.

  • 10 year assignment on the Illinois WMD Anti-Terrorism Unit trained in responding to Terrorist Acts involving Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  • Instructs Firearms, Carbine Rifle and the Legal Use of Force for Police Officers and Civilians in the State of Illinois.


private group concealed carry class

If you have a group of at least 15, we will travel to your location and instruct a private class for your group.  Provide the room and we will take care of the rest.

Contact us for availability and more information.

intermediate (level #2) handgun class

This intermediate (level #2) 8 hour self defense handgun class builds on the basic skills taught in our Concealed Carry Class.  We will continue with proper stance and grip, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control.  The class will progress to rapid fire/combat shooting and multi-target drills from the holster on life size paper silhouette targets.  The student will fire a minimum of 250 rounds and receive a course certificate upon successful completion of this course.  Students will also have the opportunity to pass the level #2 course qualification which will satisfy the prerequisite for our level #3 handgun class.  This class will be held at a private outdoor range near DeKalb.

"Great Training, Great Trainers!"

Paul Strater 03/11/2014

"I had to attend classes that were both after very long work days and was concerned that I'd doze off.  The time flew by as the instructors kept lively and genuinely interesting presentation moving at a very good pace.  With multiple decades of police and SWAT experience, these two active duty officers, who are trainers at their departments, went through theory, law and practical drills that were all centered around making us competent, prepared armed citizens.

I can't say enough about the fascinating and valuable insights we got from being trained by sworn police officers.  They shared their experiences and helped us understand how to interact with the police while carrying.  We had a diverse group including female students and they took the time to work with each one of us individually instead of preaching to us in a one-size-fits all delivery.

Whether you have never touched a firearm before or have been shooting for years, you will leave the classes feeling prepared."

tactical (AR-15) rifle class

This 8 hour Tactical Deployment Rifle Course focuses on tactical speed shooting and development of aggressive gun-handling skills during tactical deployment of the rifle for personal protection and home defense.  The concepts of dominating the weapon, threat, and all visual areas during dynamic action will be emphasized throughout the course.  Students will develop reflexive gun handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.  This firearms training course takes the student beyond the basics of the rifle and introduces the student to deployment techniques that are critical when deploying the rifle for personal defense.  This class will be held at a private outdoor range near DeKalb.

class reviews

"knowledge shared by the trainers is real street experience"

Tom Flowers 03/07/2014

I was fortunate to take this Concealed Carry Class.  First, I must say having two Law Enforcement Officers teaching the class gave me a different perspective as well as a profound appreciation of our men and woman in blue serving their communities.  Second, the knowledge shared by the trainers is real street experience, their ongoing professional development training, firearm handling, safety, what-if scenarios, do's, don'ts, etc....In fact, I learned a few new things along the way.  Questions were encouraged -- there's no stupid questions.  Don't be afraid to ask them.  Very interactive and thought provoking.  Trainers are easy to engage and chat with.  They do their best to answer tough questions they're qualified to answer.  While there's a lot of legal/law related aspects of the class, I highly encourage folks to attend, get trained, ask lots of questions and exercise their right to conceal carry.  It's now our right.  Act responsibly.

Thanks J & T.  Look forward to the Spring training.